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Mistress Lina did not like how this guy talked to her. He was rude and when she confronted him, he doubled down instead of apologizing. Pissed, she caught him by surprise and she choked him. She had a strong grip and much as he tried, he could not break free from her choke hold. He tried to apologize to her so that she could let him go but it was too late.

This mistress likes to punish proud guys. Those guys who come to the gym and because they have some muscle, think that everyone should worship them. This guy tried it and she taught him a lesson he will never forget. She wrestled him and choked him with her leg scissor as well as her vice like chokehold. He had to beg and cry for her to let him go. He was humiliated more than he had ever been.

Lady Cathy does not like people who body shame others. She is a big bodied mistress and even though she does not mind anyone calling her names, she does not allow them to make fun of other people. This guy did and she punished him by wrestling him and sitting on him. She choked him, kicked him and strangled him for fun and as punishment. When then let him go with a warning.

Mistress Jasmine and her friend like to get down and dirty. The mistresses like to wrestle in the mud and entertain other people for cash. Today they were practicing so they were the two of them. Being competitive, no one wanted to lose. They strangled each other and kicked each other. They used martial arts skills as they both had mixed martial arts training and after a hard fought win, they drew.

Mistress Heile and Anita were fighting over a guy. No one was his girlfriend yet. They both wanted him and were trying to eliminate the competition. They wrestled hard and choked each other, scratched each other and slapped each other painfully besides pulling each others hairs. They fought and beat each other for nothing because in the end, he did not pick any one of them to be his girlfriend.

When it comes to humiliation, this mistress is one of the best at it. She loves to degrade and humiliate others. She enjoys using different methods to achieve her aims and today she used her wrestling skills as well as her martial arts training to do it. She tortured and humiliated this guy who had underrated her and thought she was no match for her. He had to cry and beg for her to let him go.

Mistress Gia was mad at her gym instructor for not doing what he was supposed to be doing. He was supposed to show her how to better herself and get to the next level but he was wasting her time telling her things she already knew. She was pissed and she taught him a lesson. She strangled him using her hands and her legs. She held him so tightly he could not break free.

Mistress Lindsey Leigh is a sadistic mistress. She wanted to fight this guy but first of all she wanted to agree on the ground rules. She told him that if she won, she would fuck him in the ass with the giant strap-on she had. He thought about it and did not want to take the risk given that she had never seen her fight and did not know what skill set she possessed.

This mistress learned that her boyfriend was going to get into a competition where he stood to win a hefty prize and she took it upon herself to make him ready for it. She humiliated him and choked him to make him tougher. She taught him how to get out of chokeholds and other tough situations and he was surprised since he had never seen this side of her at all.

Mistress Emily and her friend Maggie love to wrestle. They enjoy testing each other and especially finding out who can break away from the other's grip. Today mistress Maggie held mistress Emily in a grip she was not able to break away from. Usually they do it after a few minutes but today no one was able to break free from the other's vice like grip so they gave each other the secret to do it.

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