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Mistresses Manu and Manuela are both very competitive and none of them likes to lose. They disagreed on something and instead of arguing on the facts of it, they chose to settle it by wrestling. They both have a wrestling fetish so it was easy for them to agree to settle the dispute that way. The mistresses wrestled in mud to make it more interesting and after many hours, mistress Manu won.

Mistress Ebony was not happy with what this loser had done. She did not like substandard work and she had to make sure it was done to the required standard. So she made the guy redo the work. When he tried to ask for more money, she crushed and trampled him. She wrestled him and she choked him and told him that was the payment he was getting and there was more where that one came from.

Mistress Manu and Claire argued about whose child had wronged the other. When they could not agree, they hurled insults at each other. The insults gave way to a fight and the mistresses fought and wrestled hard. They pulled each other's hairs and tore each other's clothes as they fought hard to teach the other a lesson. No one was the overall winner of the right but each one of them was bruised badly.

Mistresses Manu and Tina could not agree on who would use the car that day. They both had places to go but there was only one car and they had to fight over it. They wrestled each other and after a long drawn fight where they used all the martial arts skills they could master, mistress Tina won and took the car. Mistress Manu had to take a cab to where she was going.

Mistress Gia and her friend Jennifer are both competitive and none of them likes to lose. Today they argued over who was tougher and could not agree. They decided to settle the matter once and for all so they wrestled. Jennifer used martial arts skills and Gaia used karate skills and they wrestled for hours but still there was no clear winner. They decided to let it go and assume they both won.

These mistresses are not to be messed with. They are tough and like to compete. They are very competitive and none of them likes to lose. When they wrestled it was a very tough fight as none of them wanted to lose to the other. They choked each other, humiliated each other and did all manner of things to each other but at the end of it all they had to settle for a draw.

Mistress Manu and Carina love to do crazy things. Today they decided to wrestle and the more they wrestled, the more horny they became. They were hot for each other but had never acknowledged that fact. But now as they were touching each other all over and roughing each other up, they were turned on and could not hide it and after choking and tackling each other a few times, they went to the house to finish what they started.

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