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Mistress Xana and mistress Nadia could not agree on who was stronger between them. They decided to settle it once and for all so they got a referee and they wrestled. They kicked and abused each other, strangled and choked each other and used their martial arts skills but they still there was no clear winner. Finally, mistress Xana summoned all her strength and grabbed mistress Nadia and leg scissored her and won the contest.

Mistress Diva did not like how this loser catcalled her. She pretended to like it so as to punish him and he fell for it. She went home with him and when they reached home, she turned on him and humiliated him. She made him lick her ass and farted on his face and had him smell it. She made him apologize for what he had done and she told him to stop doing it.

This mistress knew it was not prudent for her to fight a man as strong as this guy was but she was so pissed that she does not know where she got the strength to pin him down and humiliate him like she did. She tortured him and forced him to lick her ass and endure her choking. He nearly suffocated and she let him go only after he cried.

Giantess Katelyn was pissed at how this guy bullied other people. She wanted to make sure he stopped it so she turned him into a tiny man and she wrestled him. She crushed him and tortured him till he cried and begged for her to let him go. She turned a deaf ear to his pleas and punished him till she felt that he had learned his lesson and would not do it again.

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