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Mistress Gaia did not like how careless her slave was. And for his carelessness, he had to be punished. The mistress used her wrestling prowess to punish him. And she made sure the punishment was brutal so that it could act as a deterrent. The mistress choked him after wrestling him and she did so while he was naked. He cried and begged her to let go and she did when he peed.

Mistress Bertie and her girlfriend wanted to have a little fun with each other. So they tried a little wrestling for fun. The mistress got on top of her girlfriend and she dominated which in turn turned both of them on. As that happened, the lovebirds had a great time together and it led to a great lovemaking session as they had lit a fire which had to be extinguished.

Princess Blondie loves to humiliate guys with her wrestling prowess and fetish. Today the mistress chose to do something she had not done in a while. The mistress, being sexy, used her good looks to dominate and humiliate him and he had no clue over the strategy she had employed to make sure she had fun at his expense. He only came to realize when she was done with him.

Mistress Tina does not allow anyone to take advantage of her. If you mess with her, she will not rest until she has gotten her revenge and taught you the kind of lesson she feels you deserve to learn. She challenged this guy to a wrestling match because he had pissed her off and he took her for granted. But she shocked him by using martial arts to choke him and kick him like he had never been kicked and beaten before.

Mistress Gaia is a strong girl and she knows how to fight and especially when it comes to wrestling. The mistress dared this guy to fight her and if he won, she would fulfill one of his wishes and the deal was too good for him and he agreed to it. The mistress shocked the guy by pinning him down and forcing him to beg her for mercy, which he did.

Mistress Manu and mistress Janine are very competitive. Any small thing can make them fight. Today they were fighting over the right to who would cook. They disagreed and had to settle it physically. Whoever lost would have to cook. The mistresses fought hard and used all the tricks in the book to choke and strangle each other but it went to a draw and they had to help each other cook.

Lady Mercedes loves to wrestle. She is a tough girl but she does not show it. This guy despised her and he lived to tell the tale. She warned him not to mess with her but he did and he learned that she was not one to mess with. Lady Mercedes wrestled the guy to the ground and she pinned him down and she crushed his head and choked him cruelly till he cried and begged for mercy.

Mistress Manu and mistress Martina had a bitter fallout. They could not agree on anything and everything was the source of a new conflict. It did not take long before the mistresses were fighting. The girl fight was tough as both of them used martial arts and other means to try and get the better of the other as they wrestled. However, mistress Manu managed to pin down mistress Martina till she surrendered.

This guy wanted to have a threesome with these girls. He approached them and thought he would find it easy to do it. But he was shocked when it did not happen. The mistresses had led him on and when they got their place, the mistresses turned on him and trampled him. They wrestled him and they crushed his face with their bare feet. They even spat on his face.

This mistress did not like how this guy was always giving her unsolicited advice. She was fed up with him and she challenged him for a fight so that he could put into action, all the words he kept telling her. They wrestled hard. He tried going easy on her but he regretted it when she pinned him down and she choked him. She had a tight grip and he could not break free.

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