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Mistress Krystal did not like how her boyfriend liked to watch porn. She tried to warn him but she was disappointed that he did not stop. She had to do something to make him change and she did it. She did this by forcing him to lie down and trampling his face with her ass. They wrestled but she was stronger than him much to his surprise. She defeated him and she choked him as punishment.

Mistresses Manu and her friend mistress Carina could not agree on who between them had to watch her favorite show. They only had one TV and both their shows were airing at the same time. They disagreed on who would watch hers and decided to settle it by wrestling and whoever won would watch hers. The mistresses wrestled hard but in the end, none of them won and by the time they were tired, the shows had ended.

Mistress Jannine and mistress Steffi love to fight. They had fought other people and won. But they had never fought each other. Being competitive, none of them wanted to lose the match. They wrestled in mud in front of a hug audience and they stood to win a lot of money. So they put their best feet forward and they had fun choking each other and kicking each other in the mud. Mistress Jannine on narrowly.

Mistress Manu and mistress Carina love to wrestle. Unlike other mistresses who wrestle guys who mess with them, these mistresses love to wrestle each other. They are competitive and love to outshine one another. They love to torture each other by kicking and abusing each other, choking each other as ell as leg scissoring each other for fun. When one of them wins, the other has to make sure she wins the next round.

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