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This guy tried to take advantage of these mistresses' ignorance and con them but they found out just in the nick of time. The mistresses were not going to allow him continue being a dishonest person. So they did what they knew best and they tortured him. He was choked and forced to endure pain and humiliation so as to learn that it was not ok to con people and live a dishonest life.

Mistress Suzy did not like how weak this guy was. She wanted him to workout more and be strong. So she wrestled him and she beat him. He knew he was not the strongest person out there but he was sure he could not be defeated by a lady and that was why it was shocking when she wrestled him and she beat the shit out of him. And easily so.

Mistress Bertie and her girlfriend wanted to have a little fun with each other. So they tried a little wrestling for fun. The mistress got on top of her girlfriend and she dominated which in turn turned both of them on. As that happened, the lovebirds had a great time together and it led to a great lovemaking session as they had lit a fire which had to be extinguished.

Mistress Suzy was tired of how irresponsible her boyfriend was. She had to find a way to make him change his ways and become more responsible. And she felt that the best way to do that was to make sure he choked and begged her for his life. That way, he would know she was not messing around. So she wrestled him and she made him pee his pants as he begged.

Mistress Davina and her man had a disagreement. They had never disagreed that badly and it degenerated into a fight. He took it for granted that he could beat the shit out of her but was shocked when she turned on him and she used her mixed martial arts skills on him and beat him up. She choked him and held him in a grip he could not get out of and had to plead for mercy.

Mistress Goldie and goddess Summer are mistress with hot bodies and big tits. They found out that they were dating the same guy and none of them could believe that she was going to lose him for the other. They found themselves fighting for him and they used their wrestling skills to beat each other up and choke each other. They were all determined to win but none of them managed to after a hard fight.

When it became evident that this guy was not going to give back mistress Lina her money, she knew she had to get it out of him. So she wrestled him for it. He did not expect that and he did not believe she could beat him. But he was shocked when she kicked and abused him. She used her mixed martial arts training to beat the shit out of him. He paid her.

When this guy messed with this mistress, he did not know he would get the humiliation of a lifetime. She trampled him and she used her martial arts skills to choke him, facesit on him and defeat him. She held him in a vice like grip and he could not free himself. He had to beg to be let go. He was not only in pain, but he was also humiliated.

Madam Mysteria likes whoever she works with and especially whoever she pays, to consult her before making final decisions. And that is what she told this guy when she hired him to do some work for her. But this guy did not do as she told him so she had no option but to beat the shit out of him. She did it in the form of a wrestling match. She wrestled him and she choked him till he peed his pants.

Mistress Sunfire did not like how this guy disrespected her. She was pissed and she had to make him stop it. She did not want him to do that to anyone else. So she surprised him with her martial arts prowess and she forced him to lick her ass a she facesat on him. He tried to break away from her but he could not as she had a tight grip on him.

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