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Mistress Kassidy is a no nonsense mistress. She does not like anyone messing with her and anyone who tries usually has him or herself to blame as she gives them a beating. This guy tried to mess with her and he did not see it coming, She jumped at him and came down with his head between her thighs. She choked him and tortured him making him regret messing with her.

Mistress Mercedes was angry that her husband had gambled away all their investment money. He said he felt lucky and she warned him against it but he went ahead and gambled it anyway. When he came back empty handed, she beat him up and crushed his head. She used her thigh to choke him and nearly let him suffocate as she was mad and did not want to hear anything from him.

These mistresses discovered that they were both seeing the same guy. When they noticed that, they did not get mad at each other and fight each other. They spoke about it and came to a conclusion that it was his fault. They plotted to punish him and they did it ruthlessly. They trampled him and crushed him. They kicked him and abused him as painfully and cruelly as they could.

This mistress wanted her boyfriend to win the wrestling tournament. She was the best trainer he could have ever gotten as she is tactical and knows him well. She asked him to throw everything he had at her but she kept dodging till she caught him by surprise and humiliated him by holding him in a tight and choking grip that he could not break free from. She taught him how to anticipate it and how to break free from it.

These mistresses are not to be messed with. They are tough and like to compete. They are very competitive and none of them likes to lose. When they wrestled it was a very tough fight as none of them wanted to lose to the other. They choked each other, humiliated each other and did all manner of things to each other but at the end of it all they had to settle for a draw.

Princess Nikki is a tough mistress but this guy did not know. He thought he was the strongest but she proved him wrong. She humiliated him and had fun doing it because it brought him down a notch. He was embarrassed because he was humiliated by a girl and he could not do anything about it. Her grip was so tight that he could not free himself and he had to beg her to free him.

Mistress Anita and Manu were fighting over who would give the other a massage first. They could not agree so they decided to settle it physically. Whoever won would get it first. They wrestled and rolled on the ground as they fought to win. After some time, they started to get tired and that is when mistress Anita took advantage and pinned her friend down and nearly choked her till she surrendered.

Mistress Svenja wanted to show her slave that she was not one to mess with. She humiliated her slave and forced him to endure the pain. She forbade him from crying so he had to endure all the pain and keep quiet. She kicked him, punched him, crushed his face and even facesat on him and he was not supposed to make a sound while all this was happening to him.

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