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This mistress wanted her boyfriend to win the wrestling tournament. She was the best trainer he could have ever gotten as she is tactical and knows him well. She asked him to throw everything he had at her but she kept dodging till she caught him by surprise and humiliated him by holding him in a tight and choking grip that he could not break free from. She taught him how to anticipate it and how to break free from it.

The women's champion and the men's champion in wrestling had an argument and it ended up with them fighting. The guy underestimated his opponent and thought it would be a walk in the park. He was shocked when she tricked him and held him in a vice like grip. He tried to break free but she choke held him and forced him to surrender before she freed him from the grip.

Mistress Ariel wanted to toughen her husband so she made him work out. But that was not enough as she needed him to be strong and to have defense tactics. She choked him from time to time and locked him in scissor and made him try to get out of it. Bit by bit he learned and became stronger till he was able to get himself out of her choke holds.

Mistress Onyx did not like how Steve was behaving around her gym. He was a nuisance and was making guys uncomfortable. He thought no one could do anything to him so he increased his nuisance behavior. She was fed up so she went to where he was standing and she tackled him and fell him on the ground. She then followed it up with a vice like grip and choked him till he cried.

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