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This mistress could not believe what had happened to her. This guy had spanked her in the gym and went about his business as if everything was normal. It was not and she had to teach him a lesson. She confronted him and when he did not apologize, she used her mixed martial arts training to humiliate him and choke him. He did not expect it and even his efforts to break free from her chokehold were futile till he had to apologize and surrender.

Mistress Ariel is a strong mistress but this guy looked down on her and thought she would be a walk in the park. She challenged him to a fight and he agreed. He did not anticipate that she would be as tactical as she was. She used her martial arts and wrestling skills to throw him down and choke him. She held him in a stranglehold that he could not break free from till he surrendered.

The women's champion and the men's champion in wrestling had an argument and it ended up with them fighting. The guy underestimated his opponent and thought it would be a walk in the park. He was shocked when she tricked him and held him in a vice like grip. He tried to break free but she choke held him and forced him to surrender before she freed him from the grip.

This mistress was not pissed that this guy had broken into her house and tried to steal. She was glad he did it when she was at home because she caught him and she punished him and humiliated him. She made it seem like a fun exercise as she crushed his face between her thighs and choked him. She enjoyed as he cried and begged for her to forgive him.

Mistress Onyx did not like how Steve was behaving around her gym. He was a nuisance and was making guys uncomfortable. He thought no one could do anything to him so he increased his nuisance behavior. She was fed up so she went to where he was standing and she tackled him and fell him on the ground. She then followed it up with a vice like grip and choked him till he cried.

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