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This mistress wanted a romantic date but she ended up on a date with a guy who was unromantic. She was pissed about that and when they went back to her house, it was not to have fun and fuck as he had hoped it would be. Instead, it was so that she could beat the shit out of him. So she wrestled him and she made him cry for help as she choked him.

This mistress trained hard and she knew she was ready for her upcoming fight. But her trainer did not believe she was ready. He even challenged her to a wrestling match and she agreed. They wrestled hard and in the end, she summoned her strength and she used skills he did not know she had to choke him and make sure he could not break free. He had to beg her to let him go. It was humiliating but he knew she was ready.

Lady Kerstin wanted this guy to fuck him but he was married although not the brightest tool in the shed. She then got him to agree to wrestle her and she talked him to do it while naked. He loved wrestling so he easily agreed. Then she found a way to facesit on him and have him lick her pussy and she sucked his dick before she rode his dick like a pornstar.

Mistress Gaia did not like how this guy trolled her. She was not going to accept it and she had to make him stop. So she went and she confronted him. The mistress did not give him a lot of time for him to know she was pissed. She used her wrestling prowess to pin him down and cruelly crushed him and choked him. She even used a dildo to ass fuck him.

Mistress Gaia overpowered this loser as she wrestled him. They had a bitter argument that led to a wrestling match. They both tried their best to ensure they won the duel but she proved too strong for him. She used her skill to make him fall down and then she choked him with her ass and with her feet as well. He cried and peed his pants as she did so to him.

This mistress was tired of this guy not taking no for an answer. At first his persistence was cute but now it was a bother and a pain in the ass. She felt that she had to do something about it and she settled on wrestling fetish as her mode of punishing him. He cried but she did not care. She punished him by choking and beating the shit out of him.

Mistress Suzy was tired of how irresponsible her boyfriend was. She had to find a way to make him change his ways and become more responsible. And she felt that the best way to do that was to make sure he choked and begged her for his life. That way, he would know she was not messing around. So she wrestled him and she made him pee his pants as he begged.

Mistress Mina was anxious about the success of her event. She did not want anything to go wrong so she punished her slave to make sure he was more careful than usual. She acted as if something had gone wrong and that she did not want anything else to go wrong. So she choked him after she had wrestled him to the ground. She pinned him down and used her chokehold to dominate him.

Mistress Gaia disagreed with this guy about strategy. The disagreement was so passionate that it turned physical. None wanted to give in so they fought. They knew whoever won the wrestling duel would have his or her way. Mistress Gaia did not want to let herself down so she summoned all her strength and used her martial arts prowess to pin down the guy and humiliate him and choke him.

Lady Mercedes loves to wrestle. She is a tough girl but she does not show it. This guy despised her and he lived to tell the tale. She warned him not to mess with her but he did and he learned that she was not one to mess with. Lady Mercedes wrestled the guy to the ground and she pinned him down and she crushed his head and choked him cruelly till he cried and begged for mercy.

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