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Mistresses Manu and her friend mistress Carina could not agree on who between them had to watch her favorite show. They only had one TV and both their shows were airing at the same time. They disagreed on who would watch hers and decided to settle it by wrestling and whoever won would watch hers. The mistresses wrestled hard but in the end, none of them won and by the time they were tired, the shows had ended.

Madam Mysteria is not a mistress to mess with. She looks harmless but she is far from it as this guy came to find out. He loves to bully girls and then intimidate them into doing what she wants. But this mistress was not going to let her do that to her. She wrestled him and she beat him with her martial arts skills. She facesat on him and choked him before she pulled his hair and slapped him.

Mistress Manu and mistress Carina love to wrestle. Unlike other mistresses who wrestle guys who mess with them, these mistresses love to wrestle each other. They are competitive and love to outshine one another. They love to torture each other by kicking and abusing each other, choking each other as ell as leg scissoring each other for fun. When one of them wins, the other has to make sure she wins the next round.

Mistress Jannine likes to wrestle. She met this girl who also likes to wrestle and the two mistresses had fun wrestling each other. They are both competitive so they went at each other and had fun humiliating each other. From leg scissors, chokings, martial arts and all kinds of techniques they could use to win, they did their best but their best was only able to hand each one a draw.

This mistress could not believe what had happened. This guy had cruelly bullied her brother and she could not have it. She had to confront him. Instead of being apologetic, he wanted to bully her too. She was so pissed that she wrestled him. She won and she cruelly trampled him. She had him lick her ass and smell it. She choked him with her leg scissor and made him pee on himself.

Mistress Ashley was not happy with how her boyfriend. She wanted him to learn from his mistake so she tortured him as cruelly as she could. She did not like how he tried to hit her when she confronted him about his cheating. She wanted to punish him for both so she wrestled him and she choked him and punched him as hard as she could till he begged for mercy.

This mistress was tough and she had martial arts training. But her boyfriend did not know. After a bitter fall out, he tried to hit her. That was when he received the biggest shock of his life. She blocked all his attempts and she actually beat his ass. She strangled him, choke held him and she also leg scissored him. She made him pee his pants and beg for mercy.

Mistress Romi and mistress Manuela are not your average mistresses. They love to wrestle and today they wanted to do it in mud. They are very competitive and love to win. They usually beat other people but today they had to wrestle just the two of them. The mistresses went at each other and abused each other with their wrestling techniques and martial arts skills. They strangled each other and did all sorts of things to each other but it was a draw. None of them was the clear winner.

Mistress Onyx does not like guys who are a nuisance to her and to others. This guy was and it was time he was put in his place. Everybody else feared him but she did not. She challenged him to a fight and he laughed. He underestimated her and he regretted it. She was tougher than he thought and she gripped him in a tight choke hold and used her martial arts skills to beat his ass.

Mistress Nadine and her friend could not agree on who between them would punish the slave. They both wanted to punish him so bad that they had to fight and wrestle to determine who would do it. They did not want to share so they had to settle it through wrestling. After a lot of choke holds, leg scissors and martial arts techniques, there was no winner and they had to punish him together.

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