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Mistress Ariel is a strong mistress but this guy looked down on her and thought she would be a walk in the park. She challenged him to a fight and he agreed. He did not anticipate that she would be as tactical as she was. She used her martial arts and wrestling skills to throw him down and choke him. She held him in a stranglehold that he could not break free from till he surrendered.

This mistress learned that her boyfriend was going to get into a competition where he stood to win a hefty prize and she took it upon herself to make him ready for it. She humiliated him and choked him to make him tougher. She taught him how to get out of chokeholds and other tough situations and he was surprised since he had never seen this side of her at all.

Manu and Tina were fighting over a guy and they went at each other with all they had. They did not go easy on each other and each one wanted to humiliate the other. They fought till they were tired but no one wanted to be humiliated by the other. They crushed each other, choked each other but at the end of it all none of them had a clear win.

Mistress Emily and her friend Maggie love to wrestle. They enjoy testing each other and especially finding out who can break away from the other's grip. Today mistress Maggie held mistress Emily in a grip she was not able to break away from. Usually they do it after a few minutes but today no one was able to break free from the other's vice like grip so they gave each other the secret to do it.

Mistress Kassidy is a no nonsense mistress. She does not like anyone messing with her and anyone who tries usually has him or herself to blame as she gives them a beating. This guy tried to mess with her and he did not see it coming, She jumped at him and came down with his head between her thighs. She choked him and tortured him making him regret messing with her.

This mistress wanted her boyfriend to win the wrestling tournament. She was the best trainer he could have ever gotten as she is tactical and knows him well. She asked him to throw everything he had at her but she kept dodging till she caught him by surprise and humiliated him by holding him in a tight and choking grip that he could not break free from. She taught him how to anticipate it and how to break free from it.

The women's champion and the men's champion in wrestling had an argument and it ended up with them fighting. The guy underestimated his opponent and thought it would be a walk in the park. He was shocked when she tricked him and held him in a vice like grip. He tried to break free but she choke held him and forced him to surrender before she freed him from the grip.

This mistress was not pissed that this guy had broken into her house and tried to steal. She was glad he did it when she was at home because she caught him and she punished him and humiliated him. She made it seem like a fun exercise as she crushed his face between her thighs and choked him. She enjoyed as he cried and begged for her to forgive him.

Mistress Ariel wanted to toughen her husband so she made him work out. But that was not enough as she needed him to be strong and to have defense tactics. She choked him from time to time and locked him in scissor and made him try to get out of it. Bit by bit he learned and became stronger till he was able to get himself out of her choke holds.

Mistress Manu and Carina love to do crazy things. Today they decided to wrestle and the more they wrestled, the more horny they became. They were hot for each other but had never acknowledged that fact. But now as they were touching each other all over and roughing each other up, they were turned on and could not hide it and after choking and tackling each other a few times, they went to the house to finish what they started.

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