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Mistress Onyx did not like how Steve was behaving around her gym. He was a nuisance and was making guys uncomfortable. He thought no one could do anything to him so he increased his nuisance behavior. She was fed up so she went to where he was standing and she tackled him and fell him on the ground. She then followed it up with a vice like grip and choked him till he cried.

Princess Nikki is a tough mistress but this guy did not know. He thought he was the strongest but she proved him wrong. She humiliated him and had fun doing it because it brought him down a notch. He was embarrassed because he was humiliated by a girl and he could not do anything about it. Her grip was so tight that he could not free himself and he had to beg her to free him.

Mistress Frankie was tried of this mistress trying to seduce her husband. She looked for her and when she found her, she taught her a lesson and told her to go and look for her own man. She wrestled her and pinned her to the ground and humiliated her. She choke held her and made her beg for mercy and promise not to disturb her man before she let her go.

Mistress Ariel was tired of how this loser kept bragging about how he was strong. But push came to shove when she realized he was beginning to invade her space. She was not going to let him get away with it so she went to him and as they had an argument, she surprised him with a tackle and choke held him. She leg scissored him as well and only his apology helped him.

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