Wrestling Fetish

Exploring the wonderful world of wrestling fetish

This mistress did not like how this guy was always giving her unsolicited advice. She was fed up with him and she challenged him for a fight so that he could put into action, all the words he kept telling her. They wrestled hard. He tried going easy on her but he regretted it when she pinned him down and she choked him. She had a tight grip and he could not break free.

Mistress Kitty and her friend Lauri love to wrestle. It is one of their favorite activities. They love to test their strength against each other and that is what they did today when they found themselves with a little bit of time to spare. The mistresses used mixed martial arts and all kinds of tricks and techniques to try and win but it went for a draw as none of them overpowered the other.

Lady Cathy was not amused by what she had learned about this loser. She was pissed at him and wondered why he had done what he had done. She asked him but he did not have an answer for her. The BBW mistress used her weight to punish him. She wrestled him, threw him on the ground and she enjoyed herself crushing him with her weight. She also crushed his face with her feet.

Mistress Xana was not going to allow this girl to win this fight. She knew she would not hear the end of it so she struggled to win it. She used her mixed martial arts skills to beat the crap out of her. She pinned her down and used her choke hold and leg scissor to defeat her. She won handily and had a great time making fun of the girl.

Mistress Gaia wanted to reward and punish this guy at the same time. She did not have time to do them separately. So she forced this loser to fuck her boots and cum on them. When he was done, she facesat on him and she humiliated him by choking him and wiggling her ass on his face. She also made him lick her feet before she let him leave in humiliation.

Mistress Davina and her man had a disagreement. They had never disagreed that badly and it degenerated into a fight. He took it for granted that he could beat the shit out of her but was shocked when she turned on him and she used her mixed martial arts skills on him and beat him up. She choked him and held him in a grip he could not get out of and had to plead for mercy.

Mistress Goldie and goddess Summer are mistress with hot bodies and big tits. They found out that they were dating the same guy and none of them could believe that she was going to lose him for the other. They found themselves fighting for him and they used their wrestling skills to beat each other up and choke each other. They were all determined to win but none of them managed to after a hard fight.

These mistresses are very competitive and they like to train together. They love to train together because they know they will get a better workout that way. They did it all today. They arm-wrestled and the used their mixed martial arts training to fight and wrestle. They rolled around as they tried to pin each other down and to choke and strangle each other till they got tired and called it a day.

Mistress Liz is good at what she does. She is a very good instructor. But this guy had just been fired by his instructor for bad behavior and he needed a new one. She was the only one willing to work with him. But she had to address his behavior and his attitude first and she did it by teaching him a lesson. She wrestled him and she defeated him. She humiliated him by choking him and making him beg her for mercy to humble him.

Goddess Cathy has a big body and she is comfortable in her own skin. But she does not appreciate it when others try to make fun of her. She likes to teach them a lesson and one which they will never forget. She used her big body to facesit on him and wrestle him. He was not only humiliated, but he was also in a lot of pain and he regretted what he had done.

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