Wrestling Fetish

Exploring the wonderful world of wrestling fetish

Mistress Ashley is a strong mistress although she looks harmless and innocent. This guy was into her and instead of having fun with her or seducing her, he tried to project his strength to her. She was pissed and sought to prove him wrong. So she wrestled him and she used her leg scissor and stranglehold to defeat him and to choke him till he begged for mercy and apologized.

Mistress Manu and her friend mistress Olga could not agree on something as each one of them wanted it. They decided to wrestle for it and whoever won would be the first one to have it. They wrestled hard and pulled each other's hairs and engaged in a girl fight like no other. But in the end there had to be a winner and mistress Olga won the fight and became the first one to have it.

This mistress wanted her money back so she went and asked this guy for it. He kept lying to her. He then started avoiding her so she traced him to the gym where he went everyday. She was annoyed at him and she found herself choking him to make him pay attention and realize she was serious and meant business. She tortured him and forced him to give her the money as she strangled him.

Mistress Heile and Anita were fighting over a guy. No one was his girlfriend yet. They both wanted him and were trying to eliminate the competition. They wrestled hard and choked each other, scratched each other and slapped each other painfully besides pulling each others hairs. They fought and beat each other for nothing because in the end, he did not pick any one of them to be his girlfriend.

This mistress does not like anyone messing with her as this guy came to find out. She used her mixed martial arts skills to punish him and she made him cry. She had caught him unaware and she choke held him. It was a tight grip and strangled him. He could not break free from her grip so she surrendered and begged for mercy from her before she let him go.

This mistress was mad at this other girl for spoiling her name. She was trying to tarnish her name because she had refused for her to join her group. She was mad at her for trying to tarnish her name and had to make her undo the damage she had done. She wrestled him and she taught her a lesson by using her martial arts skills on her weak ass and beating her thoroughly.

When it comes to humiliation, this mistress is one of the best at it. She loves to degrade and humiliate others. She enjoys using different methods to achieve her aims and today she used her wrestling skills as well as her martial arts training to do it. She tortured and humiliated this guy who had underrated her and thought she was no match for her. He had to cry and beg for her to let him go.

Mistress Gia was mad at her gym instructor for not doing what he was supposed to be doing. He was supposed to show her how to better herself and get to the next level but he was wasting her time telling her things she already knew. She was pissed and she taught him a lesson. She strangled him using her hands and her legs. She held him so tightly he could not break free.

This mistress wanted to enjoy time with her boyfriend. So she challenged him to a fight. They both love working out but they had never done anything together. So she wanted to find out how strong he was. He underrated her and came to regret it later. She held him in a vice like chokehold and leg scissor and he could not break free. She humiliated him using her mixed martial arts skills and it was awesome for her.

Mistress Manu and Claire argued about whose child had wronged the other. When they could not agree, they hurled insults at each other. The insults gave way to a fight and the mistresses fought and wrestled hard. They pulled each other's hairs and tore each other's clothes as they fought hard to teach the other a lesson. No one was the overall winner of the right but each one of them was bruised badly.

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