Wrestling Fetish

Exploring the wonderful world of wrestling fetish

Mistress Francesca does not like bullies and when this guy tried to bully some of her clients at the gym, she did not take it kindly and she punished him. She surprised him with her martial arts skills and she strangled him. She made him beg for mercy as she head locked him and the grip was so tight he could not break free. She let him go after she had facesat on him.

Mistress Gia was training this guy for a competition. She had to toughen him up so that when he stepped out to the ring, he would be prepared for whatever would be thrown his way. She was his toughest competition and he had to win against her. She choked him, kicked him and abused him and strangled him. He did not win against her but by the time she was done with him, she knew he was ready.

Mistress Nadine and her friend could not agree on who between them would punish the slave. They both wanted to punish him so bad that they had to fight and wrestle to determine who would do it. They did not want to share so they had to settle it through wrestling. After a lot of choke holds, leg scissors and martial arts techniques, there was no winner and they had to punish him together.

Mistress Lina did not like how this guy talked to her. He was rude and when she confronted him, he doubled down instead of apologizing. Pissed, she caught him by surprise and she choked him. She had a strong grip and much as he tried, he could not break free from her choke hold. He tried to apologize to her so that she could let him go but it was too late.

This mistress likes to punish proud guys. Those guys who come to the gym and because they have some muscle, think that everyone should worship them. This guy tried it and she taught him a lesson he will never forget. She wrestled him and choked him with her leg scissor as well as her vice like chokehold. He had to beg and cry for her to let him go. He was humiliated more than he had ever been.

Mistress Xana and mistress Nadia could not agree on who was stronger between them. They decided to settle it once and for all so they got a referee and they wrestled. They kicked and abused each other, strangled and choked each other and used their martial arts skills but they still there was no clear winner. Finally, mistress Xana summoned all her strength and grabbed mistress Nadia and leg scissored her and won the contest.

Lady Cathy does not like people who body shame others. She is a big bodied mistress and even though she does not mind anyone calling her names, she does not allow them to make fun of other people. This guy did and she punished him by wrestling him and sitting on him. She choked him, kicked him and strangled him for fun and as punishment. When then let him go with a warning.

Mistress Jasmine and her friend like to get down and dirty. The mistresses like to wrestle in the mud and entertain other people for cash. Today they were practicing so they were the two of them. Being competitive, no one wanted to lose. They strangled each other and kicked each other. They used martial arts skills as they both had mixed martial arts training and after a hard fought win, they drew.

Mistress Ashley is a strong mistress although she looks harmless and innocent. This guy was into her and instead of having fun with her or seducing her, he tried to project his strength to her. She was pissed and sought to prove him wrong. So she wrestled him and she used her leg scissor and stranglehold to defeat him and to choke him till he begged for mercy and apologized.

Mistress Manu and her friend mistress Olga could not agree on something as each one of them wanted it. They decided to wrestle for it and whoever won would be the first one to have it. They wrestled hard and pulled each other's hairs and engaged in a girl fight like no other. But in the end there had to be a winner and mistress Olga won the fight and became the first one to have it.

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