Wrestling Fetish

Exploring the wonderful world of wrestling fetish

These mistresses are not to be messed with. They are tough and like to compete. They are very competitive and none of them likes to lose. When they wrestled it was a very tough fight as none of them wanted to lose to the other. They choked each other, humiliated each other and did all manner of things to each other but at the end of it all they had to settle for a draw.

Mistress Ariel wanted to toughen her husband so she made him work out. But that was not enough as she needed him to be strong and to have defense tactics. She choked him from time to time and locked him in scissor and made him try to get out of it. Bit by bit he learned and became stronger till he was able to get himself out of her choke holds.

Mistress Manu and Carina love to do crazy things. Today they decided to wrestle and the more they wrestled, the more horny they became. They were hot for each other but had never acknowledged that fact. But now as they were touching each other all over and roughing each other up, they were turned on and could not hide it and after choking and tackling each other a few times, they went to the house to finish what they started.

Mistress Onyx did not like how Steve was behaving around her gym. He was a nuisance and was making guys uncomfortable. He thought no one could do anything to him so he increased his nuisance behavior. She was fed up so she went to where he was standing and she tackled him and fell him on the ground. She then followed it up with a vice like grip and choked him till he cried.

Princess Nikki is a tough mistress but this guy did not know. He thought he was the strongest but she proved him wrong. She humiliated him and had fun doing it because it brought him down a notch. He was embarrassed because he was humiliated by a girl and he could not do anything about it. Her grip was so tight that he could not free himself and he had to beg her to free him.

Mistress Anita and Manu were fighting over who would give the other a massage first. They could not agree so they decided to settle it physically. Whoever won would get it first. They wrestled and rolled on the ground as they fought to win. After some time, they started to get tired and that is when mistress Anita took advantage and pinned her friend down and nearly choked her till she surrendered.

Giantess Katelyn was pissed at how this guy bullied other people. She wanted to make sure he stopped it so she turned him into a tiny man and she wrestled him. She crushed him and tortured him till he cried and begged for her to let him go. She turned a deaf ear to his pleas and punished him till she felt that he had learned his lesson and would not do it again.

Mistress Frankie was tried of this mistress trying to seduce her husband. She looked for her and when she found her, she taught her a lesson and told her to go and look for her own man. She wrestled her and pinned her to the ground and humiliated her. She choke held her and made her beg for mercy and promise not to disturb her man before she let her go.

Mistress Ariel was tired of how this loser kept bragging about how he was strong. But push came to shove when she realized he was beginning to invade her space. She was not going to let him get away with it so she went to him and as they had an argument, she surprised him with a tackle and choke held him. She leg scissored him as well and only his apology helped him.

Mistress Svenja wanted to show her slave that she was not one to mess with. She humiliated her slave and forced him to endure the pain. She forbade him from crying so he had to endure all the pain and keep quiet. She kicked him, punched him, crushed his face and even facesat on him and he was not supposed to make a sound while all this was happening to him.

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