Wrestling Fetish

Exploring the wonderful world of wrestling fetish

Mistress Jannine and Carina are lesbian lovers who love doing crazy things. Today they wanted to try mud fighting so they wrestled in the mud for a long time. No one wanted to lose since they had agreed that whoever lost would be made to lick and suck the other and do all the things she wanted done. They were all determined to win that no one conceded and they decided to postpone the fight.

Mistress Lindsey Leigh is a sadistic mistress. She wanted to fight this guy but first of all she wanted to agree on the ground rules. She told him that if she won, she would fuck him in the ass with the giant strap-on she had. He thought about it and did not want to take the risk given that she had never seen her fight and did not know what skill set she possessed.

This mistress could not believe what had happened to her. This guy had spanked her in the gym and went about his business as if everything was normal. It was not and she had to teach him a lesson. She confronted him and when he did not apologize, she used her mixed martial arts training to humiliate him and choke him. He did not expect it and even his efforts to break free from her chokehold were futile till he had to apologize and surrender.

Mistress Daria and her boyfriend had an argument and she was so pissed she threw him down. She then pounced on him and he tried to break free from her and could not. He had taken it for granted that she was light and that he could throw her off him anytime but she held him up martial arts style and rendered him defenseless and facesat on him to humiliate him.

Mistress Jennifer had a new member who she had to teach how to wrestle. He was just big bodied but did not have any fighting skills. She decided to wrestle him to prove to him that he was no match for her. She used martial arts skills he did not have to choke him and strangle him with her feet as well as her hands and enjoyed as he begged for mercy.

Mistress Maria and Steve had beef and it was a long standing beef. They had never settled it and today they met at the gym and could not stand the sight of each other. They moved to an empty room and wrestled. They rolled over and over as they struggled to choke and humiliate the other. Mistress Maria tricked Steve and pinned him down and choked him with her feet.

Mistresses Manu and Tina could not agree on who would use the car that day. They both had places to go but there was only one car and they had to fight over it. They wrestled each other and after a long drawn fight where they used all the martial arts skills they could master, mistress Tina won and took the car. Mistress Manu had to take a cab to where she was going.

Mistress Gia and her friend Jennifer are both competitive and none of them likes to lose. Today they argued over who was tougher and could not agree. They decided to settle the matter once and for all so they wrestled. Jennifer used martial arts skills and Gaia used karate skills and they wrestled for hours but still there was no clear winner. They decided to let it go and assume they both won.

Mistress Veve did not know what to do her slave. He was big bodied and thought he could defy her. He did not know she was very tough and was no nonsense. She wrestled her slave and she humiliated him as she used her martial arts skills to pin him down and choke him. The stranglehold was so tight that he could not break free. He begged for mercy and learned his lesson.

Mistress Ariel is a strong mistress but this guy looked down on her and thought she would be a walk in the park. She challenged him to a fight and he agreed. He did not anticipate that she would be as tactical as she was. She used her martial arts and wrestling skills to throw him down and choke him. She held him in a stranglehold that he could not break free from till he surrendered.

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